[LFS] Hotlap Championship is cancelled

It is with a tear in my eye I announce this.

The VGP Hotlap Championship is cancelled.

At the turn of the year when Bäcklin stepped down I decided to try to continue run the championship, even though I knew I didn’t really have the time or commitment for it.

Now, five months later, after several weeks of server issues and other trouble along the way I realize this can’t go on.

The three major reasons for this are:

The last month I have been travelling a lot, and my friend that I has been helping me don’t have sufficient experience with LFS.

I didn’t really want to run this championship from the start.

The last and biggest reason, and “the straw that broke the camels back” is the server issues. I am renting a server from LFS.net and almost every week the last months there have been issues with the server resetting.

Thank you all who have been driving. When it all was working it was fun.

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