[LFS] Hotlap Championship 2017 – Week 47

[Live For Speed]
LFS Hotlap Championship 2017 – Week 47

Car for week 47 – XFR
Server: SBF VGP HC

(Hotlap Championship Week 46 will not be counted, a huge shortcut is discovered. The host of Hotlap Championship cant be sure who really did use the shortcut and who didnt, we know that some drivers did use it, but some other drivers maybe did use it smart, in a way that we cant be sure that thay did use it by looking at the split times.

We are so sorry about this, its sad that all of you serious drivers do get punished by this.)


LFS Hotlap Championship 2017

What is this championship all about?

LFS Hotlap Championship 2017


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